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“Closure is a greasy little word which, moreover, describes a nonexistent condition. The truth is that nobody gets over anything."

School’s out, blog’s in, motherfuckers.

"You know, they say that there is a part
of the human chest that if you strike it hard enough
the person’s heart explodes. This sounds like such a lie
that I have to believe it’s the truth. If I were sci­ence,
I’d never tell any­one where this place is. If I were sci­ence,
I’d have named this place after you."
-Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz, excerpt from "Not As Smart As I Think I Am" 


My Stupid Mouth

How often do you feel embarrassed about something you said?

I think I am embarrassed at least five times a day, on average.

I get a bit caught up when I think about being embarrassed, because I am of two minds about it: one, being embarrassed is silly, and just a product of me being overly critical of myself as well as a bit self-centered, to think that other people are putting so much analysis into some little thing I said or did.


two: that I have a big, giant, uncontrollable mouth and I say things all the time that at least appear to be judgmental or even (gulp) mean, when in my mind, usually, they are my (potentially lame) attempts at humor.


I am also clearly in desperate need of a class entitled,

“How To Be Quiet, At Least Sometimes, For God’s Sake”.

OMFG. Stop It.

Just stop it right now.

Make Your Own Kind of Music

If this makes you want to run on a treadmill in an underground bunker, I like you.

The Kindest Cut

I would like to think that something more exciting than this will happen in 2012, but I am not sure I can beat what you are about to witness in the video below.

Seriously, it was mega exciting.

Life continues to surprise me.



Ah, The Good Old Days